Shipping your Antiques and Collectables

Here at Jennings Antiques, we have our own dedicated packing team on hand to pack all of your antique furniture and collectables into your shipping container as safely and as efficiently as possible; filling a 20 or 40ft shipping container until there isn't a single space to spare, which keeps the items secure during shipping.

Antique Oak Mule Chest...Each antique item is individually wrapped in robust packing material to ensure its safety during shipping. For those more delicate antiques and collectables, extra packing is provided as well as strategic placing of the items within the shipping container.

Throughout the packing and shipping process we also complete all the necessary paperwork: from single antique and collectable item ticketing and listing; to the creation of a complete export shipping manifest indicating the individual cost of each item. This is then sent with the shipping container on despatch and dealt with by our shipping export agent.

All you need is a customs broker in your port of arrival.

How long a shipping container will take to pack and ship will depend on the type of goods you require, and any specialist items you may specify. We normally despatch the shipping containers within 4 weeks of order and deposit, but will always do our best to meet your specific requirements; including preferred timescale.